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Are there any prohibited strategies on qualified accounts?
Are there any prohibited strategies on qualified accounts?
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Prohibited trading strategies include:

  • Taking advantage of unrealistic prices or unrealistic trade opportunities , such as arbitrage, latency, front-running price feeds, and exploiting mispricing.

  • Latency trading

  • Arbitrage trading

  • High-frequency trading

  • Reverse trading/group hedging

Additionally, account management services are not allowed, and all accounts and trades must be performed by the trader whose name is on the account.

If you are uncertain about the compliance of your EA or manual scalping strategy, create a free trial account in our dashboard and let us review and approve the strategy before proceeding with an evaluation.

Remember, if you are aiming to secure a qualified trader account of up to $200,000, taking these rules seriously is essential. Invest the time to understand the rules, objectives, and requirements thoroughly.

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