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Free Monthly Trading Competition Rules
Free Monthly Trading Competition Rules

Free Monthly Trading Competition Rules & restrictions

Updated over a week ago

Our Free monthly Trading competitions are to allow traders to
1) compete against other traders in a free competition to win discounts, free accounts.
2) Try our platform before proceeding to a funding evaluation.

We have implemented the below rules to keep a level playing field, these restrictions do NOT apply to Alpha Pro funding plans, ONLY the free monthly trading competition.

Rule 1: No EA use

Rule 2: Lot size limit per trade

  • 10 lots FX / XAUUSD / XAGUSD

  • 30 lots max Oil / CFDs / Indices

To provide clarification:
The maximum permissible exposure for FX & Metals is capped at 50 lots, which equates to the ability to maintain 5 positions with 10 lots each, whether on the same asset or across different assets simultaneously.

Again, the maximum exposure allowable for Oil/CFDs/Indices stands at 150 lots. This translates to the capacity to uphold 5 positions, each comprising 30 lots, either on a singular asset or spanning multiple assets concurrently.

Rule 3: Max number of open consecutive trades at any one time: 5

Rule 4: Max Daily Drawdown: 5%

Rule 5: Max total Drawdown: 10%

Rule 6: No taking advantage of unrealistic fills in the demo environment

Rule 7: Free entry (1 entry per person)

Rule 8: Max $$$ gain wins

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