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How Do I get paid performance fees?
How Do I get paid performance fees?

How do I withdraw my profits?

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Performance fees on qualified trader accounts are processed as follows:

  • Requests are available bi-weekly, starting 14 days after your initial trade on your qualified trader account.

  • The minimum performance fee amount is $100.

  • To request performance fees, please use the dashboard

  • Please note that request dates are now rolling every 14 days from your account's start date. You can find this date in the account metrics section of your trader's dashboard

  • All performance fee requests will be processed and paid within 2 business days

  • For your first performance fee request, you must complete a minimum of 5 trading days

  • Ensure that all trades are closed on your account when making a request

  • You can resume trading once the account balance has been reset to the starting balance

  • We offer multiple methods to pay your performance fees, including bank wire (Wise), PayPal, and Deel.

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