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What Is Classified as a Martingale Strategy?
What Is Classified as a Martingale Strategy?

What is classified as Martingale strategy?

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Martingale strategies or Martingale Expert Advisors (EAs) are not allowed at Alpha Capital Group. We define Martingale strategies as follows:

  • Opening a position in the same direction while the first position opened is in drawdown.

  • If the consecutive position is opened at an exponent more than 1x, we consider this to be a Martingale strategy.

For example, if you open a 1-lot buy on GBPUSD, and this position goes into open drawdown, you can open additional buys on GBPUSD as long as the lot size is the same or smaller. You cannot increase the position size.

  • Once all buys are closed on GBPUSD, you can then open a new first trade on GBPUSD at a position size of your choice without restrictions.

Another example of Martingale is if you bought gold at 1900 with 1 lot, then the price dropped to 1899, and you buy 0.8 lots. If the price drops further to 1895, you cannot buy more than 0.8 lots; it has to be either 0.8 lots or less.

**Soft Breach Policy:**

During stage 1 of the Alpha Pro 2-step evaluation, if you pass but have been flagged for Martingale, we consider this a soft breach. We will provide a detailed explanation of the above rule and the trades that were flagged. Your Phase 1 Martingale status will be reset, and you will receive an account where you left off.

**Important Notes:**

  • For Stage 2 and analyst accounts, resets and free retries are not given, as we expect traders at this stage to fully understand the rules and requirements once they achieve analyst accounts.

  • Please be aware that there is a Martingale counter on the dashboard, and if 3 Martingale trades are placed, the account will be closed.

  • If you are on a stage 1 account and need further assistance, please email [email protected] for clarification and guidance.

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