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How Many Accounts Can I Have?
How Many Accounts Can I Have?

How many accounts can I have?

Written by Alpha Capital Group
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You can trade up to a total of $300,000 across multiple accounts at any one time, including both evaluation and on qualified trader accounts. However, if your maximum capital exceeds $300,000 and reaches the limit of $400,000, please note that above $300,000, you must employ a different trading strategy. Duplicating trades on accounts totaling $400,000 is not allowed.


For instance, if you are trading GBPUSD on $300,000 accounts and EURUSD on another account of $100,000, these are treated as distinct strategies. Each currency pair has its own unique characteristics and market behavior, so trading them is considered separate strategies, even if the criteria for entering and exiting trades are the same.

To summarize:

  • $400,000 is the maximum capital allocation per individual trader (before capital growth).

  • Each separate account must be traded with a different strategy, and duplicate trades or opposite trades on multiple qualified trader accounts are not allowed

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